Things We Wish We Could Say Out Loud – COVID is taking the right people

May 04

Things We Wish We Could Say Out Loud – COVID is taking the right people

Quick one today.

We have learned that the most concentrated deaths attributed to COVID-19 is found in seniors and nursing homes, places where residents are unable to care for themselves. Residents and support workers are infected at a higher rate than others and the death rate among residents is, not unexpectedly, large.

We have heard stories of support workers not coming to work, afraid that they will be infected and, in turn, infect those close to themselves. Out loud, we decry this action. Privately, we fully understand.

Let’s say first that the loss of our parents, siblings and friends who have reached an advanced age and who need help is tragic for their close friends and families. I have personal memories of losing my grandparents. In their 90’s, they were suffering. Still, their loss was tragic to myself and my family.

However, I wish we could say, out loud, that those most hard hit are exactly those who we would decide to lose. Were we forced to decide to focus on keeping people over 75 or those under 75, we would sadly focus on the younger group. And if we faced further constraints, we would reduce that top age.

If we, as a society, decide that we have to budget further resources to our seniors, we can do so. We can pay support workers better, so they do not have to take shifts at many different homes. We can hire more and better employees and pay them enough to stay. We can give those in the industry a career path.

But let’s be a bit honest. That seniors and those in care homes are the hardest hit is not a surprise and is not an unexpected tragedy.

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