Things We Wish We Could Say Out Loud – A Celebrity Gropes a Woman’s Ass 18 Years Ago. BFD

Jul 11

Things We Wish We Could Say Out Loud – A Celebrity Gropes a Woman’s Ass 18 Years Ago. BFD

If it were not so pathetic, it would be funny. Watching the usual political suspects commenting on whether Justin Trudeau groped Rose Knight’s at a 2000 event in Creston. They go back and forth, signalling their virtue with every statement.

His defenders use arguments like the one in the July 6th Toronto Star, They minimize every element, repeated trying to shine Trudeau’s halo.

His detractors go the other route, shock permeating their voices as they decry the feminist Prime Minister for committing sexual assault against a defenseless damsel. For example, Postmedia’s interview with Warren Kinsella, author, blogger, war room veteran and professional shit disturber, EDITORIAL: The Kokanee Grope is about Trudeau, not the rest of us. They suggest actions ranging from abject apology to counseling to promising to quit drinking to resignation.

What nobody says, nor will they, is the truth. A 28 year old school teacher patted the ass of a reporter in the year 2000. This teacher was also a national celebrity, whose fame was entirely based on his name and his father’s accomplishments. When this teacher made public appearances, it was light news and young reporters were assigned. Often young, sweet female reporters.

I wish we could just say the truth aloud, that a young male patting the ass of a fawning young reporter is hardly a surprise and would not be a thing if the person was not a celebrity and not in a position of power. It would also not be a thing if the celebrity had not spent years portraying the ultimate feminist male.

Gotta give Kinsella credit. He sure knows how to make a non-story a story.

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