I Agree with #MeToo – We Must Protect Women, They Are Just So Delicate

Dec 22

I Agree with #MeToo – We Must Protect Women, They Are Just So Delicate

It should go without saying that I stand with those who have used the #MeToo hashtag. Women should not be raped, harassed, leered at or be within earshot of something that might possibly offend them. Like children, women are always almost completely powerless and cannot be expected to protect themselves. If attacked, women cannot be expected to report such actions. If they seem to be OK with their attacker, meeting, dining or having sex after the assault, that is a sign of shock rather than any inference of consent. And consent must be recognized as temporal. Content today may be assault tomorrow, as memories or opinions change.

Things have changed since the last decades of the 20th century, when women were fighting for equality. The idea that women were equal, able to accomplish anything their male counterparts might attempt. The value of women’s intelligence and capability would create change and balance would come organically, over time. Of course, women would have the protection of the law against those who would attack them and law enforcement would support victims in charging and convicting such bad apples who would violate their equals. I thought this to be a good concept and enjoyed working for women as much as working for men.

Now, in 2017, I have learned that feminism has given up on the idea of equality. In an unbelievable reversal, they have changed their definition of women to that of victims, under threat. They live in constant fear and are subject to mental and physical breakdown when assaulted physically, with words or when observed. Women are delicate flowers, vulnerable to any breeze.

In scouring the Internet for ways to support this new definition of women, some good ideas were found. Some might sound extreme but remember that we are changing our underlying concept of women from equals to victims. If you have some thoughts on these, leave a comment.

  1. Terminate the employment of all women and hire no more. I cannot believe I am writing this. I have always worked with women and have found them as capable as any of their male counterparts. I did not realize that women were being harassed and assaulted every moment. I did not realize that, in creating processes and procedures to protect women, we were reaching well beyond our grasp. As we learn from #MeToo, nothing can protect women except safe spaces. Jobs, unfortunately, entail interaction with human beings so they are not intrinsically safe. To protect women, we must exclude them. I will miss them.
  2. Assure women are always protected. Mere laws will never be sufficient to protect every women at all times. Perfection is a goal that can never be attained. However, if a woman is always protected by a trusted male, the risk of attack is significantly reduced. This is not a chaperone but a protector or a body guard. Usually, it would be someone with a woman’s interests at heart, like a father, a brother or a son but, if a woman must truly leave their home, a guard may be hired.
  3. Modest clothing in the presence of women should be considered. Personally, I rather like it when women dress up. I fully understand that they do this for themselves, not for the men who might see them. The idea that a well made up woman in a micro-skirt and a tight tiny top might be trying to appeal to men rather than express themselves is intrinsically sexist and incorrect. Unfortunately, men often find women attractive and harass them with admiring looks. They attack them with comments that they often intend as compliments but are really sexual assaults. The most pathological of males might actually approach a woman, intruding on her personal space. While not a perfect solution by any means, I think that leading edge feminists have a great idea when they speak on behalf of the burka. It is another layer of protection from the harassing eyes of men when women have to venture outside their home. Partnered with a good male protector, men would be hard pressed to appreciate a woman’s face or body. Of course, women could wear what they like when only in the company of women, because they dress only to express themselves.
  4. Segregate schools by sex or gender. Under such constant assault, it is a wonder that women have become a majority of graduates. The idea that girls have to be in the company of hormone charged boys is a recipe for disaster. If they were freed from that type of stress, how much could they accomplish? The mind boggles. Working in their protected homes or in women only environments, our society would be bound for greatness. And as a bonus, men would be bereft of women to assault at work.

There are more ideas making the rounds but the recurring theme is that Saudi Arabia has some ideas that could protect women. Not too long ago, I would have thought that such an idea was idiotic, that the practices of Saudi Arabia regarding their women were backward. But I have learned from modern feminists that these practices are actually progressive, protecting their delicate flowers from flood, wind or too much sun.

Perhaps things will change again and women will not desire constant protection and oversight. Personally, I miss the days when women were becoming equals.

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