JWR & SNC – Some random thoughts on the “scandal”

Feb 12

JWR & SNC – Some random thoughts on the “scandal”

The talking heads have latched on to the “scandal” regarding whether the PM pressured AG Jody Wilson-Raybould to jigger the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. Here are some random thoughts.

  • JWR just resigned from cabinet.
    • Is she a shining example?
    • Is she a political traitor?
    • Isn’t it nice that not everyone is able to continually bend the knee to the PM and the PMO?
  • It is an election year and SNC is massive in Quebec. Why would the government not discuss how to minimize political impact?
  • SNC is being prosecuted for bribing people in Libya. In Libya? It is my impression that bribery is a given in Libya, as well as in most of its neighbours.
  • Does anyone really believe weighing political interests is not standard operating procedure for almost every democratically elected government? Even in Canada.
  • It was a much bigger win than expected in 2015. There are a number of successful people who were surprised to find themselves in government. I wonder how many, especially those blocked forever from Cabinet, are feeling the frustration of being directed by people they might never hire outside of government.
  • This is great fodder for the talking heads, who need to spew more each day. Does anyone else really care?
  • Is anyone naive enough to believe this is new? That this is not SOP for whichever party is in power?
  • I find myself reminded of the Ontario Liberal Party gas plant situation. Am I alone?
  • When a Liberal MP or spokesperson is on TV, am I surprised when I hear, “nothing to see here’?
  • When a Conservative or NDP MP or spokesperson is on TV, am I surprised when I hear, “this is the worst thing ever. Canada will collapse. The sky is falling” The sky is falling!”?
  • Remember when Liberals accused Conservatives who appeared on TV of simply repeating scripted talking points, like puppets. It appears that puppet-style is inherent to governance. Except John McCallum, who had the temerity to actually speak his mind. And look how that went.
    • If you watch P&P or listen to it on podcast, enjoy Marco Mendocino. A superior lawyer, able to keep the mic while he speaks words so abstracted from any issue that they can be used for any issue.

As I am home due to the snowstorm, it is fun watching the ongoing coverage featuring talking heads from both sides. They say nothing but help fill time.

I find myself reminding myself to take what the media and the spokespeople say with a grain of salt (there is a big pole of Mortons by the couch). In the jihad to seem the most transparent and the most pure, it seems governments must inevitably step in their own waste.

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